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Come check out the exclusive facebook
group just for the mama squad

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Mamas coming together to make real connections and friendships


Self love and care

Focusing on loving ourselves and taking care of ourselves in new and old ways



A place to come together as mamas and to not feel so alone in all of the craziness


The Mama Squad Co

A space for all mamas to come learn new things, for connections, IRL friendships, solidarity, and so much more.

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The Mama Squad
A place for moms

Come join our exclusive membership group on Facebook! Our Facebook group is a place for moms to create real friendships, ask for advice, and so much more. In this group, you will find …

  • Like-minded mamas
  • Planned in-person Moms Night Out and playdates monthly
  • Strict NO DRAMA and NO JUDGEMENT zone
  • Regular Giveaways
  • Monthly or Bi-weekly LIVE classes
  • And most importantly, you will have a safe space to come and make mama friends both near and far


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